Carve Out Time

The 4-Hour Work Week is a unique take on time management and getting more done with less effort and with less time. But what should you do when you end up with more time on your hands?

A lot of people are being urged to use this social distancing and self-isolation downtime to learn new skills, but what skills should you learn? It is important to be very deliberate about what skills you want to pick up, because if you used this time to learn to speak Hungarian it would be a wasted opportunity!

I would suggest that you learn skills that will help you work less: learn some more Excel spreadsheet functions that can help you manage data more easily or you can go further and learn Visual Basic for Excel to help you actually program the spreadsheet. Learn to automate your social media posts. You have to be as deliberate as possible on the skills you choose to pick up.

How does all this apply directly to you as an entrepreneur? The following advice comes straight out of Tim’s book and as one example it aptly points out ways you can get bargains in a buyers market for goods and services. The book does not focus only on time management but also on seeing opportunities in negative times, which is the running theme of getting more with less.

“… economic downturns produce discounted infrastructure, outstanding freelancers at bargain prices, and rock-bottom advertising deals – all impossible when everyone is optimistic.

Whether a yearlong sabbatical, a new business idea, reengineering your life within the corporate beast, or dreams you’ve postponed for “someday”, there has never been a better time for testing the uncommon.

This period of collective panic is your big chance to dabble.”

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