Corporate Insights

Africa is still a bit of an unchartered territory when it comes to doing business. Different markets call for different strategies (as of this writing mobile money is not fully available in Nigeria!). You need first hand information on how to navigate successfully through these challenges, and the map is provided by those directly involved in doing business on the continent: the CEOs of some the largest companies in Africa.

Business in Africa touches on the view points of key players in over a dozen different industries including; Law, Mining, Telecoms, Banking, Advertising, Retail and Services, Real Estate, Franchising etc. 

You will get first hand information on the state of affairs as well as key trends in these industries from the CEOs and market leaders such as Tony Elumelu of UBA Group, Heirs Holdings and the Tony Elumelu Foundation whose mission is to support entrepreneurship in Africa. His chapter on Building African Entrepreneurs offers key insights on what governments and private equity can do to invest successfully in the development of a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Reading this book will show you which industry your startup could partner with or provide solutions for, as most of the CEO’s point out problem areas in their industries that need addressing. This could open up a new vertical for your startup. 

Order your copy here:

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