Build something people want

A lot of startups are solutions that have been built with time and effort in search of a problem. A majority of first-time entrepreneurs come up with their ideas without any clear feedback as to who they are solving the problem for and how those people are going to pay for that solution.

The Four Steps to the Epiphany strips you of the ambiguity you have in mind when you come up with an idea for a startup.

“For the path of a startup is well worn, and well understood. The secret is that no one has written it down.” – Steve Blank.

Even with these words staring us in the face a lot entrepreneurs, myself included, feel that we are faced with unique challenges that no one can understand. Whether it is the market you are entering, the customers you hope to serve with your app or service, or even the resources to keep the business running. At one point or another it feels like we are dealing with a problem no one has ever faced before.

This vague notion of what to do next is a company killer and in some cases it can cause you to reinvent the wheel resulting in lost time and money.

What the experienced incubators such as Y Combinator and Founder Institute (FI Accra Chapter vet here) have in common is the same insight this book gives you – “…there is a true and repeatable path to success, a path that eliminates or mitigates the most egregious risks and allows the company to grow into a large, successful enterprise.” The key concept is Customer Development and this book’s author is the originator and final word on that idea.

I like to think of it as the missing manual for the COO role you will be playing during the chaotic early days.

Order your copy here:

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