Let’s get lit.

A review of great books to help you on your startup journey.

Pirates! Not the Navy

Although there are many books out there about Steve Jobs, this one stands out for me because the author Jay Elliot was a Senior VP of Apple and former manager at IBM and Intel. He was working directly with Steve, allowing the unconventional culture to thrive while applying the managerial skills he had gained fromContinue reading “Pirates! Not the Navy”

Carve Out Time

The 4-Hour Work Week is a unique take on time management and getting more done with less effort and with less time. But what should you do when you end up with more time on your hands? A lot of people are being urged to use this social distancing and self-isolation downtime to learn newContinue reading “Carve Out Time”

Corporate Insights

Africa is still a bit of an unchartered territory when it comes to doing business. Different markets call for different strategies (as of this writing mobile money is not fully available in Nigeria!). You need first hand information on how to navigate successfully through these challenges, and the map is provided by those directly involvedContinue reading “Corporate Insights”

Build something people want

A lot of startups are solutions that have been built with time and effort in search of a problem. A majority of first-time entrepreneurs come up with their ideas without any clear feedback as to who they are solving the problem for and how those people are going to pay for that solution. The FourContinue reading “Build something people want”

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